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Terradeck Original

Solid Apitong Floors for Platform Trailers

For more than 50 years, trailer manufacturers from around the world have made Apitong their first choice. Terradeck is set to continue that tradition by delivering the highest quality apitong floors to trailer manufacturers around the world. Made from solid Apitong wood from South East Asia rainforest, Terradeck Original is the perfect floor for your platform trailers including flatbed, dropdeck, and lowboys.

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Terradeck Original Apitong trailer floors come in different profiles to fit different trailers; shiplap, T&G, and omega, where most boards come in 8' to 20' lengths with average being 13'. Contact us to find out how we can help you source the best floors for your trailer.

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100% Apitong (dipterocarpus spp.)


Shiplap / T&G / Omega


3/4” to 1-3/8” (or 18mm to 35mm)


4” to 8” (or 110mm to 200mm)


8' to 20' (or 2,400mm to 6,000mm)


12% to 14%


46 lbs./ft3 (or 750kg/m3)

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